Leveraging the many years of experiences in pet products manufacturing and distribution from its?EMS business, SUGA is expanding its products and services in the pet business. By integrating SUGA's IoT (Internet of Things) technology, manufacturing capabilities and marketing expertise, and mobile/online application know-how, SUGA is establishing an ecosystem to serve the pet owners with full services from Connected Pet Appliances, Premium Quality Pet Foods, Online Pet Owner Social Community and O2O Pet Products Supply Chain.


Pet Products Manufacturing

Emergence of new technologies which are easily accessible and affordable are reshaping every aspect of our daily life. With decades of experience in pet electronics product manufacturing, we are well positioned to leverage our technology know-how, manufacturing capacity and knowledge in pet industry to develop products for pet's smart living, creating synergies with our social platform for pet owners in Android & iOS. We are working together with veterinarians and suppliers in traditional pet products to develop a series of new commodities, including smart wearable and connected appliances.


Services provided:

  • Product design and manufacturing
  • App design and development, on both Android and iOS platforms



  • Series of smart pet products, starting from activity tag and smart feeder
  • As total solution provider and advisor to a China business on a pet's wearable development project


For more details, please visit the link below:



Data Collection for Pet Activities

PETBLE SmartBowl

PETBLE SmartBowl has a built-in electronic scale which works together with the pet identification function of PETBLE SmartTag to record food intake of your pet. The records are analyzed in the PETBLE App to tailor-made a healthy recipe.


PETBLE SmartTag can accurately detects the activity level of your pet with consideration of its breed, age, height and weight. Coordinating with the PETBLE App, you may set daily activity goals for your pet to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

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